About Schwartz-Narkis

Schwartz-Narkis is a boutique law firm handling the civil and criminal litigation field. Heading a
unique legal team, advocates Oron Schwartz and Yogev Narkis serve it's clients by handling litigation
procedures at diverse instances: courts of law - from magistrates court to the supreme court of
appeals, at mitigation and arbitrary procedures, handling negotiations, representing client's interests
in-front of diverse authorities and private and civil corporations.
Among our clients are international and local corporations, private individuals as well as civil
servants and private and civil functionaries.
Legal fields
The office handles diverse legal fields such as civil and commercial issues, constitutional issues,
and criminal procedures such as consulting suspects during interrogation procedures and representing
our clients in-front of criminal indictments and criminal appeals.
The Office believes in constructing a narrowly tailored package of legal services suitable for our
client's interests, applying creative and innovative state of mind, striving for legal solutions.